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הדמיה בניין

Shvut Ami presents the future: A campus for the advancement of the Judaism of the Jews of Russian Origin, in Beitar Ilit!

These Jews can be found all over the world: FSU and Germany, America, Canada, etc. There is hardly a country that doesn’t have Russian-speaking Jews. What they have in common is a good education, knowledge of Russian, and their desire to connect with their spiritual roots.

Since they are completely immersed in their busy lives, they are often distracted from this desire, until… some vague feeling completely takes over, an understanding that something must change in their lives. They must go to Israel, even for a short time, to get acquainted with those traditions that gave our people strength to survive through the millennia; to learn and to bask in the atmosphere of holiness and purity; at least for a short time, to throw off the yoke of materialism and to fill their souls with light.

Where does one go? How does one do this? Who should one turn to?

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For everyone like that, Shvut Ami is preparing a wonderful place! The current Yeshiva building lacks proper space for hosting guests. For this purpose, we are building a major center in Beitar Ilit. It’s designed to allow everyone who is interested in getting acquainted with Judaism to do so in a pleasant environment.
קומה בפנימייה

We will do everything possible to make sure that our guests are as comfortable as possible.

  • Beit Midrash designed for 400 people
  • Cafeteria and a Dormitory
  • A Kollel on premises.  Specially trained members of this Kollel will combine their deep study of Talmud with teaching, as well as, learning one-on-one with our guests.
  • Torah Library with volumes in English, Russian, and Ivrit
  • Sports Complex
  • Multi-purpose rooms for conferences and celebrations


Our new campus will host all kinds of events for our guests. We feel that it’s vital to create a great experience for the visiting students and young professionals who come to familiarize themselves with Judaism. An atmosphere provided by a real Yeshiva would allow them to see the study of Torah and real Jewish life in a new light.

Our Campus is located in a quiet neighborhood of a religious town, which allows our guests an opportunity to participate in Shabbat meals with the local families. We feel that Shabbat spent in a family environment is an ideal venue to learn and absorb authentic Jewish values.

This campus, which is slated to host a multitude of guests from all over the world, will become a true International Center for all the Jews of Russian Heritage. This, in turn, will lead to a new wave of return and rebirth.

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